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6 Reasons Second-Hand Clothes Are a  Better Fashion Choice.

Second Hand Clothes
A thrift store is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. There is so much variety in a single store that it is an experience in itself. You can compare quality, look for lost treasures, learn what different styles they have to offer and illuminate their creativity. All in one place.
Do you still think that the second hand is not for fashionistas?
try thrift stores for some parts

1. Creative Arrebatos

We never look at second-hand clothes as we see store items. Because they only come in one size, shape and color, they are rarely perfect for us. However, we choose them to judge by their potential. This makes us more creative in the way we perceive clothes and also our fashion choices.
Reusing or resizing these garments is a great source of fun for some. Sewing is both a beautiful and practical craft, and many women are turning to that fine art these days, in a modern way. Especially if you are a beginner, buying and remodeling second-hand clothes can be a great start for you. We suggest you buy the best sewing machine for quilting and practice sewing in simple and cheap designs.
2. The eclectic and unique taste
Since second-hand clothes are often outdated, they allow you to go your own way with fashion options and get out of the vicious circle of the fast fashion industry. In this way, second-hand clothes allow you to develop your personal taste.
You are likely to find the appeal of garments that differ in style and culture. You can develop an understanding of haute couture from different centuries or cultural contexts and expand your taste in this way.
3. High-quality garments

You never really know what you are about to find. Second-hand items differ in quality, but not so much in prices. The probability of finding a high-quality piece for a few dollars is enormous.

Especially if you are looking for a vintage second hand, you will soon notice the difference in quality. Today’s fast fashion is designed to fall apart and make you invest in new clothes every season. Old fashion is much more durable, not only in design but also in materials, since it was not based so much on cheap synthetic alternatives.

4. Names of the designer

As we mentioned earlier, you never know what you are going to get. You will surely find some incredibly good brands that you once could not imagine.

But here is an advice. You can get carried away by low prices and start buying unnecessary items that you will never really use. Consider the frenzy of the thrift store. Even if it’s designer clothes, no matter the cost, it’s not worth it if you’re not going to wear it.

5. Change of experience

The fast industry designs your consumption habits, making you always feel out of trend and making you buy more and more clothes. Although this satisfies your desire for change and enthusiasm, you don’t get long-term satisfaction.

Second-hand stocks change every month or so and allow you to navigate without stopping. And no store is the same. There is still the risk of compulsive shopping, however, you get much more by experimenting with these. You also spend a lot less money and basically you’re just recycling.

6. Saving the environment

There is a growing demand in ethical fashion, and people are quickly realizing this. Today, more and more young people participate socially and feel the need to take precautions and measures with social awareness.
This also applies to the fashion industry. Addressing waste in our shopping habits can make a big change and impact our lives and society. Supporting a second-hand business helps reduce waste and keeps decentralized money from power structures.

We don’t need to mention it, but yes, it’s cheap. Fashion may not be, but it makes no sense to invest in fashion when you have no style. And style is not what you buy, but how you wear your clothes.



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