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Get Creative with a Bernina Sewing Machine.

Sewing machines were once the only means by which each household could obtain their clothes. It soon becomes a profession for some, and then took off from the large corporations that today provide ready-made garments, since few people have the time and patience to spend their seams.
However, there are still some of us who, even on weekends, will take out their sewing machines, which are now electronic and computerized, to get in touch with their creative selves.

More than a century of the Bernina sewing machine

More than 100 years ago, in 1893, in the city of Steckborn, Switzerland, Bernina Inc. was established. Four generations later, Bernina Inc. is still owned by the same family that started it, which also makes it the company of The world’s largest private sewing machines.
Bernina sewing machines were a success almost overnight due to their design and innovative features. Today you can find Bernina sewing machines in more than 20 countries in the world with a single distributor in Chicago that since 1969 when they arrived in the US market, has made it available in more than 500 authorized outlets.

A Bernina sewing machine for the seamstress in you

If you are a weekend craftsman or if you want to start your own small business from home, there is a Bernina sewing machine to meet your needs and requirements. Bernina is the first sewing machine company to join Microsoft to provide computerized services to its customers.
Bernina makes being creative easy because it gives you inspiration and helps you realize your ideas at the touch of a button. Today sewing is a pleasure, since you can do the most difficult seams in a very short time, whether for your own home, your children’s toys or as a business.

Buy a sewing machine

You can easily find Bernina sewing machines in all the department stores that sell appliances like Sears. Bernina’s friendly manual and easy-to-use guide will help even beginners start in minutes, and once it starts, it can become addictive. Visit the official Bernina sewing machine website for free advice on home sewing and new sewing styles. You can check the top sewing machine in 2019. ( Singer 4411 review )



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