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Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Are you moving forward to sew advanced projects? If the answer is yes, you may want to update your sewing machine. Here in this article, I will tell you why a heavy-duty machine is what you are looking for. In addition, a short buying guide gives you a list of what an ideal machine should have. See this janome hd3000 best heavy duty mechanical sewing machine review

Reasons to have a heavy-duty sewing machine at home

A built-in walking foot

For experienced sewing, you may know the walking foot as one of the most powerful tools for sewing slippery and heavy fabrics. A walking foot balances the force applied by the feeding dog in the project by providing another set of feeding dogs at the top. This ability is useful when you notice that two or more layers of the project began to deviate from the course.
Heavy-Duty Walking Foot
Keep in mind that there are two types of walking feet. One is the type that is integrated with the machine, which means that it goes with the flow of the machine. The other is simply an attachment. The first has an advantage over the second since it is part of the machine in the first place.
Not all machines have a built-in walking foot, so if this is the model you intend to buy, read this Ulitmate Guide on the best reviews and comparison of heavy-duty sewing machines to choose a suitable one.


You may think that a heavy-duty machine must be bulky since the engine is larger to get more power. Although it is true for some models, there are others that have capacity and portability. Some of them are even made to be occupied with the owners. These machines have strong cases to protect them against impacts.
However, they are portable, but that does not mean you can lift them easily. Weight is something you should consider when buying a machine like this.

Needle size

These machines are compatible with large needles, as they are designed to sew layers of fabrics or an extra thick. Most heavy-duty sewing machines have needles of sizes ranging from 18 to 23. With this range, you can be sure to sew jeans, spandex or even canvases on the machine.

What to look for in a heavy-duty sewing machine

Heavy-duty sewing machines come in different sizes and capacities, which can sometimes be overwhelming if you are in the market choosing one for you. The most common reason for costs to upgrade to a machine like this is that it can handle thick fabrics. So this is obviously the first requirement.
However, it does not mean that the strongest machine is the best. These machines generally have an expensive price that not all seamstresses can afford. The rule here is to think about the thickest fabric that you are going to sew and choose a machine that can sew it.
I know some basic level sewing machines that are quite strong, so you should think about the full list below to make the decision. But if strength is the only thing you want, read this article on What are the best cheap sewing machines for beginners? Basic sewing machine reviews to find out what your options are.

SPM (number of stitches per minute)

Most high-strength sewing machines have to penetrate and guide the thread through thick fabrics, so the SPM is vital to determine the power of the machine.
If this figure is small, it indicates that the machine is struggling to sew thicker fabrics and that the machine may not be useful when sewing such fabrics.

Fabric types

As I said before, the best advice to find the most suitable sewing machine for you is to think about the type of fabrics you need to sew. For example, if you are going to sew a lot of canvas, make sure the machine can sew through this extra thick fabric.
You need a powerful machine
If you do not perform this step thoroughly, you could end up having a machine for which you have to pay a considerable bill, but you cannot sew what you need.

Threading the machine

This seems like a minor feature, but it really has a big impact. A difficult threading machine will create more frustration for you. The best way to avoid the additional hassle is to read the comments on the machine to see if anyone mentions this problem.
However, keep in mind that a machine that is easy to thread for one person does not necessarily provide the same experience to another. You must use your personal experience when judging. If this is your first best sewing machine for beginners, read as much as possible to learn more about your potential investment.



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