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How To Sew Blind Hem.

How To Sew Blind Hem

Blind hem, this word seems to be that we have to do a lot of hard work and God knows what kind of tips and tricks. I learned about the blind spot shortly after starting my sewing classes and it was very easy. When I practiced it on the best sewing machine for beginners here, then I knew that it is easy to get used to it. You should also try this sewing technique.

The blindness of the blind hem depends on the medium you are preparing. If you are creating a blind hem by hand, it will definitely be invisible, but who wants to spend hours attaching a stitch? I prefer to do all the sewing machine work. Start sewing on the hem and then use zigzag decorative stitches to grab the body of the fabric. If you are a newbie, then we will teach you how to sew the invisible hem.

Step 1: Settings

Again, like most of my blogs, I emphasize verifying the configuration of the sewing machine before starting to sew any project on the sewing machine. If your configuration is not up to par, it can be a big problem for you later and you will have the only option that is to extract the stitches. If you have little knowledge about the sewing machine, keep the manual in your hand for constant guidance.

Now go to the settings and select the options that can configure your machine for the invisible hem. On my sister machine, I use stitch no 9 because it automatically provides me with what I want. 5 straight stitches along with several zigzag stitches to get the full grip of the project. Later we will talk about the special presser foot on the blog.

Step 2: Fold the fabric

Now the next step is to fold the hem of the fabric and define how much clean work you can do? You should be careful if all the rough edges of the hem are completely inside the crease. You must start folding from the wrong side both times and press it with the help of your fingers. The next thing to focus on is how to keep it in place.

To keep the crease in place and work in peace, adjust the pins in the crease. Insert the pin into the fold and remove it from the other side. Depending on the hem of its length, you can use a series of pins that can help you hold the fold of the fabric. Be sure to use rust-free pins, as it can ruin the appearance and rusty pins will also leave rust inside the fabric.

Step 3: presser foot

The presser foot is one of the things during sewing that makes your job much easier and simpler. There is nothing to worry about if you do not have a presser foot because you can also work with the normal foot. If you have a budget to spend on sewing tools, I recommend buying a special presser foot to simplify project work.

If you are using the best basic sewing machine for beginners, you can even work without the presser foot with the special qualities because this machine is already so simple and can make your work smooth that you don’t need anything to handle. If you have a complicated machine, definitely to reduce the optional work, you can use the presser foot.
If you want to know more about the sewing machine.

Step 4: Sewing

Now, this is the time to start sewing the hem and flaunt your professional skills to the world. The straight stitch will be at the hem of the hem and after 4 constant stitches, the zigzag stitch will go to the left. The technique to apply to the fold is to control it with the help of pins and take care of the width and length of the zigzag stitch.

The zigzag stitch should have some garment to hold and make sure that the crease is completely attached now. The hem must be clean and finished on both sides. There should be no rough edges on the outside and it should not have a bulky appearance. By machine, you will get the advantage of selecting the stitches and the rest will be handled by your sewing machine.

Step 5: pressing

The hem looks amazing when it’s flat. Personally, I think that if you are going to press the hem during all the work, even during sewing, you will get the exact result you want. Many people like to keep weights on the hem so that it is flat, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than ironing. If you are not in a hurry and can spend time at the ironing station, you should do so.

Putting weights in the initial stage is good since it will tame the fabric and you will not have to work harder to complete the hem, but in the end, ironing is something that adds professionalism and neatness to your dress. In this way, you can sew your blind hem, which will be visible if you look at it more closely, but from a distance, it will definitely be an invisible hem.


Being a sewer can sometimes be a bit difficult because you have to do a lot just by sitting in one place. You must remain calm to calm your nerves just to get the exact result and to make sure that whatever you are doing is incredible in appearance. For this purpose first, understand your sewing machine.

For the most important projects, you may need a high strength sewing machine and, if you are looking for one, then for the complete guide, I recommend you read Easy tips to find the best high strength sewing machine for home use. Learn something new today!



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