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How to Make Sewing Patterns for Your Family

Sewing Patterns
Sewing can be a fun and rewarding hobby, one in which you not only do beautiful things, but also useful ones. The beautiful thing about your sewing projects is that the clothes you wear with them can be worn and displayed.
These home designers learn to make sewing patterns to share with friends and family. With a little knowledge and some references, you can learn to make sewing patterns for your family.

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Study the patterns you like

Just as it helps a writer to write and have an interest in reading and for an artist to practice drawing and study art, he will discover that learning to make sewing patterns is easier if he studies patterns that have already been made.

When working with existing patterns, you learn what a properly constructed pattern looks like for any piece of clothing you want to make. Most likely, if you are interested in creating sewing patterns, you have worked on one or two before, so use them as a reference when creating your own.

Have the right materials

Sewing patterns tend to be placed on tissue paper so they can be attached to the clothes for cutting. But if you want to make a pattern that is reusable, make sure you have some thick paper or light cardboard to create a master pattern.

Make sure you have enough on hand in case you make mistakes since nothing is more frustrating than making a mistake and not having materials to try again. When you learn to make sewing patterns, expect to make mistakes the first few times, as this is a normal part of the learning process.

Measure well

When you are making your pattern, take the necessary steps from the person for whom you are making the pattern. This will give better results than starting with guesswork. Keep those measurements at hand when designing the pattern. When aligning your sewing pattern, you’ll want to have two special rules, an L-square and a hip curve, handy so you can make your pattern accurate.

Remember, although sewing is an art form, creating the pattern often means being as accurate as cutting a piece of wood or drawing a graph in math class! Using your L square and hip curve to help, align the pattern and cut what you have drawn to create your master pattern.


Once you have cut your master pattern, you can trace the design on tissue paper and attach it to the cloth you are using before cutting it. After this, the same rules apply as working with a prefabricated pattern. At this point, you may want to make sure that the cut pattern fits the person for whom you are making the clothes.
If you have reached this point, you probably have something close to what you want. Learning to make sewing patterns consists mainly of practice and careful measurement, but with a little patience, you can also create beautiful patterns to dress your family with stunning clothing designs. Looking for the best advice on sewing patterns? Then visit our blog.



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